AdColony Ad Network Overview

The base of AdMobiSpy has become even larger. Our developers have pushed out the update, it is cramping ads from the ad network AdColony:

  • analyze the popularity of the offices;
  • see the targeting settings;
  • track redirects;
  • download videos.

New data appears daily!

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Let's talk about all the details of the reversing offers in AdColony in this review.

Key Features

AdColony is the TOP network, which specializes in video advertising. The total coverage is 1.4 billion mobile users. It is distributed throughout the world.

AdColony Ad Network OverviewThere are two options for cooperation: the monetization of your own application and the promotion of the off-line.

Advertising network boasts:

  • a wide range of ad formats, including using unique technologies;
  • cooperation with leading publishers (90% – AdAge 100 and 40% – Fortune 500);
  • the possibility of monetization through the DSP system;
  • own SDK;
  • automatic optimization;
  • providing a personal manager to each client;
  • service to create creatives;
  • offices in 24 countries;
  • multi-lingual support;
  • international recognition (only in 2016 the grid won 76 prizes in profile competitions).

AdColony carefully checks the incoming traffic flow. Representatives of the company say that they do not miss fraud and do not unscrew ads on questionable grounds.

Display locations and advertising formats

Ads show on iOS and Android devices. The advertiser can use the following formats:

  • value exchange ads (the video is organically built into the game, the user receives an internal currency if he watches the ad until the end);
  • interstitials;
  • prerolls;
  • midrolls;
  • postrolls;
  • personalized integration into the game or application;
  • native in-feed rollers with autoplay function.

AdColony Overview

Payment models and low deposit required to start a campaign

AdColony works on three models:

  • CPI for installations;
  • CPM – for impressions;
  • CPCV – for video screening up to the end.

The advertiser can determine the preferred option, but it is better to consult the manager.

The minimum amount does not exist. It is negotiated with the manager and depends on: the format of ads and the technologies used, developed by AdColony.

Payment options

The payment is made via bank transfer or credit card payment.

Targeting settings

Users are segmented by:

  • platform (iOS, Android);
  • device (Android smartphone, Android Tablet, iPad, iPhone);
  • type of connection (WiFi, 4G);
  • geography (region, country, city, GEO-label);
  • demography (sex, age);
  • preferences in the content (games, entertainment, news, etc.).

Tracking and statistics

AdColony has its own analytics system. Statistics are pulled up in real time. The system collects data on:

  • views;
  • clicks;
  • CTR
  • eCPI;
  • eCPM;
  • number of installations;
  • conversions.

Is it still not enough information? Then connect additional tracking systems:

  • FIKSU;
  • HasOffers;
  • Kochava;
  • Kontagent;
  • Ad-X;
  • Appperse
  • and others.

To understand the integration, contact [email protected].

Unique technologies AdColony

The company uses patented technologies based on its own developments. These are unique solutions for the mobile advertising market.

  1. SDK is a software package that provides the convenience of using AdColony products.
  2. Aurora ™ – "animates" the video ad by introducing high-quality graphics (user effects, realistic textures, changing lighting when changing the slope of the device). It allows to involve the user in interactive with advertising.
  3. Instant-Play ™ – instantly reproduces creatives in HD regardless of the type of device and the speed of the Internet.
  4. Core ™ is a self-learning neural network automatically optimizes campaigns.

Registration and setup of campaigns

Click on the "Log In" button, you will be redirected to the password entry form, and it might not be obvious to get registered, so:

Ad Network Overview

Select the "User Acquisition" tab –

AdColony Ad Network Overview

Enter your personal data in the fields –


Activate your account via e-mail. Confirm your agreement with the terms of cooperation –

AdColony Ad Network Overview

Select Acquire New Users and write to the personal assistant.

AdColony Ad Network OverviewAdColony belongs to the category "Managing service". Campaigns are run through the account manager. You provide the initial data and wishes, and the support is customized.


Advantages of working with AdColony

  • great coverage;
  • unique technological solutions;
  • playback of movies in high quality on any device;
  • the possibility of integrating additional trackers;
  • many targeting options, including showing by interests.

Disadvantages of working with AdColony

  • you can not start the campaign yourself;
  • few payment options.

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