Overview of the Chartboost advertising platform


AdMobiSpy's ad base is expanding! We started parsing ads from Chartboost. It's time to tell you more about this advertising platform.

Chartboost personal business

Name – Chartboost

Website – chartboost.com

Type of ad network – mobile

Verticals – mobile games and applications.

Formats – full-screen video advertising (interstitial), interstitial video, rewarded video, gif-banners.

Payment model – CPI, CPC, CPCV, CPM (not for all formats).

Min balance is $ 100 for CPCV and CPI, $ 250 for CPC and CPM.

Payment methods – PayPal, bank transfer, check.

The currency is the US dollar.

Moderation – 24-48 hours.

Referral program – no.

Overview of the Chartboost advertising platform

Brief summary

The service was launched in 2011. Since then, Chartboost's coverage has grown to 800 million active players. The platform is designed to monetize and promote mobile applications. Leading developers of the world cooperate with this network.

At the moment, Chartboost has two representative offices. One is in San Francisco, another is in Amsterdam.

Check in

To register, fill in a short form –

Chartboost advertising platform regestration

Be sure to include a surname. Please note, you should write Latin. You do not need to confirm e-mail, only a greeting letter will be sent to your email account.

Log in and you will be redirected to the view page –

Chartboost advertising platform

For the promotion of the companies, select the "Acquire New Players" item. As a result, you will see the control panel –

Overview of the Chartboost

Adding an application to Chartboost

Before starting a campaign, you need to add an offer.

Click the button to quickly import the application

Adding an application to Chartboost2. Select the platform. Chartboost allows you to attract users to games and applications designed for:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Amazon.

platform Chartboost

For example, let's take Google Play.

3. Import the application from Google Play –

iOS Chartboost

4. After saving, the offer card is filled in automatically.

Creatives are downloaded manually in the "App Settings" panel.

creatives chartboost

Creating Audiences in Chartboost

Using the "Player groups" tool, you can create audience templates –

Creating Audiences in Chartboost

Audiences in Chartboost

It is possible to target players interested in certain genres –

genres in Chartboost

Segmentation by sex and audience activity is provided –

select Audiences in Chartboost

game audiences

Starting a new campaign

Campaigns run in one or this 2 ways –

1. Via the tab on the left side of the panel

Starting a new campaign chartboost

2. Clicking the quick add button at the bottom of the screen         

Starting a campaign chartboost

The result will be the same. You will be asked to choose the campaign type:

  1. Network advertising – the promo is untwisted within the Chartboost network.
  2. Network publishing – the ability to broadcast ads in their own games;
  3. Direct deal – to attract users from a specific developer.
  4. Cross Promotion – your ads will be displayed within the applications of partners in exchange for permission to post their promo with you.

 campaign type chartboost

Launching a campaign on the Chartboost network

In the basic settings, specify the name, choose an offer and the type of creative (video, static insertion rate, gif-animation) –

Launching a campaign on the Chartboost network

Advanced settings allow:

1. Implement the show on schedule –

scheduling ads

2. Create black and white applications, as well as devices –

black and white lists in chartboost

3. Assign a response to the click and register the tags –

callback chartboost

Targeting settings

Chartboost is a good tool for segmenting the audience. You can customize the display for placement sites (applications) and players (templates). Targeting is available:

1. Application categories –

Targeting settings chartboost

2. Audience Activity –

game audiences chartboost

3. Sex of users –

genders in chartboost

4. Geography of the show –

Geography of the show chartboost

5. Operating system version –

Operating system version chartboost

6. Device type and model –

Device type and model chartboost

In the "Players" tab you can attach an audience from templates –

Audiences Chartboost

Choice of payment model and garter of creatives

Specify a payment model and set budgets. The advertising network displays tips, so there should not be any difficulties –

payment model chartboost

Fill in new creatives or load a suitable promo package from the existing list-

creatives chartboost spy tool

Submit the campaign for moderation.


The Chartboost system collects data on:

  • shows;
  • number of videos checked;
  • clicks;
  • CTR
  • installations;
  • expenditure budget.

The analytics are updated within 2-6 hours.



  • quick registration;
  • variants of the interface in other languages;
  • the ability to create audience templates;
  • Many targeting options
  • integration with trackers;
  • sending reports by mail.


  • incorrect translation of the interface;
  • few methods of payment;
  • the statistics is updated for a long time.

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