28 Steps of a Competent Strategy for Promoting Mobile Applications

Promoting Mobile Applications

The biggest problem, which the developer encounters with, is not during the product creation. Promotion of mobile applications is a very difficult task.

We will try to cover everything important, in order your masterpiece be:

  • head the TOPs of the tables;
  • regularly beat records on the number of downloads;
  • pushed the competition;
  • will be installed by every second user or even the first.


ASO is an integral part of mobile application marketing. The better you optimize the page in the stack, the more organic traffic will attract. The development of ASO begins before the release in the App Store and Google Play. Mandatory work includes:

1. Title Optimization

The title will be displayed in the list of products presented in the application store. This is one of the first elements that a user will see. The title should:

  • be simple to perceive;
  • easy to remember;
  • have no analogues (at least in the category);
  • report on the functional and the features of the product;
  • easy to write, do not contain incomprehensible characters.

On Google Play, the optimal title length is up to 50 characters, in Apple – up to 23 characters.

2. Icon Name

Naming is displayed under the icon after it is downloaded to the user's device. Keep in mind that there is a limit of 12 characters. Use the provided limit, with maximum efficiency.

3. Description of the Mobile Application

Many developers are tempted to add extra keywords to the description. Refrain from introducing irrelevant queries. The search algorithms of steers have become smarter. You can be downgraded in the issue if you notice a low percentage of downloads with a large number of transitions.

Write content not for robots, but for people. Tell the potential consumer about the main functions and perks of the application. Explain which needs the product closes. Highlight:

  • advantages for the user;
  • basic functional;
  • competitive differences;
  • information about updates.
  • It will not be superfluous to mention the awards.

4. Select the Appropriate Category

Choosing the appropriate category is the most important stage of ASO. Although it's less important then keywords, icons and screenshots, it can not be neglected.

The Apple App Store has 25 sections, and Google Play even more. Store’s catalogs are similar to the Bermuda Triangle, at times you can stumble on races in the category of "Strategy" or on the arcade in "Puzzle." Does it happen by chance?

Some developers are deliberately cunning. If the product contains elements of a different genre, developed deliberately choose sections with less competition. For example, the cult game "Empire & Puzzles" is placed in the category "Role", although in its essence is a modification of the casual series "3 in a row".

Actually, the category should correspond to the purpose and semantic content of the application. If you can not decide, then conduct an analysis of competitors and choose a free niche.

продвижение игр 28 Steps of a Competent Strategy for Promoting Mobile Applications

5. Keywords

The App Store has a keyword block that will allow you to add relevant queries. The use of the semantic core will positively affect the product positions in the issuance. The allowed volume is 100 characters. Words should be separated by commas.

When you enter keywords Apple does NOT recommend using:

  • plural form, if there is already a key in the singular;
  • category names;
  • the word "application" (you already have it in the App Store);
  • repetitions;
  • unauthorized inclusion of foreign trademarks;
  • names of celebrities;
  • names of applications of competitors;
  • insults and obscene language.

6. Application Icon

Nobody admits that he judges a book by the cover. In fact, a beautiful package determines if the product will be bought.

It's worth spending time, effort and money on icon development. The user's eye must be caught by the image. The best logo, as a rule, is very simple and easily recognizable. A few tips:

  • avoid excessive detail, operate with simple forms;
  • the user's view should focus on one object;
  • it is desirable that the user can easily draw an icon;
  • use words only when they are part of your company's logo;
  • the background must be monophonic;
  • avoid transparent layers;
  • do not use photos, screenshots or interface elements;
  • do not try to copy existing icons in the stack;
  • check how the icon looks on the background of different wallpapers.

как продвигать приложения

7. Screenshots of the Mobile Application

If the application is difficult to perceive, you need to complete the screenshots with explanatory inserts. It is not necessary to clutter up the interface illustrations with additional elements in games, it is enough to display the most interesting levels.

8. Selecting the Payment Model for the Application

There are 3 pricing models on the market:

  1. Free applications – functional is provided on a free basis, the developer receives income not from users, but from advertisers. A good option for social applications, stores and similar business products.
  2. Shareware applications – the fee is charged for additional functionality. The model is optimal for games, interactive tools, time managers, application health.
  3. Paid – Setting the price tag is suitable for business applications, utility programs, photo and video editors.

9. Entering the Little-Studied Markets

Asia and Latin America have become more active recently. These regions are dynamically developing, besides they have a lower level of competition. In low-explored markets, it is easier to enter the TOP through ASO.

Deemed Free Channels for Promotion of Mobile Applications

Deemed free channels are associated with the press. You need:

10. Realize the Timing of the Release on the Media

It is better to start first steps for 3-4 weeks earlier the planned release date. Accordingly, to gather information and prepare articles is necessary in advance.

On average, business correspondence with the publication takes 1-2 weeks. In many ways, it depends on human factor. Who forgot, who did not, who had a relapse. So work with several resources at the same time.

Writing and approval a very professional content takes 2-3 weeks. Do not rewrite the same texts. So you will undermine the credibility already at the first stages of cooperation. I'm sure you have a lot of insider topics.

Summing up, establish contacts with the media 2 months before the release.

11. Give Exclusive Interviews

In the network, a sharp lack of quality content. Any decent online edition needs insider information. The perks of development, technical subtleties diverge like lightning.

Keep in touch with the editors of profile resources. Offer exclusive in return for advertising. Even if you are so professional in it, the copywriters will enhance all your ideas.

12. Create a Press Kit

Press kit – is a detailed information about the project, made in the form of a pdf-file or video.

It should contain a press release in which you need to specify how your product solves user problems.

The list of mandatory elements of the press kit includes:

  • logo of the application;
  • link to the video ad;
  • high-quality screenshots;
  • additional information about the product;
  • information about you and your team;
  • a brief history of the company's formation, mission and values;
  • press kit is useful not only for the media, but also for the search for investors.

13. Use Local Media

Imagine a situation that a little-known company in the United States presents its product. Developers address to the reviewer, trying to pay for advertising. The influencer values ​​his reputation. He googles information about the advertiser. Knowing that developers are from another country, likely that he will look at the issue in the original language (automatic translators will significantly simplify the task). Having found nothing, the blogger will refuse to cooperate. Nobody is friendly with the no-names.

Remember, there are not many positive references. And it does not matter in what language they are published. The Internet century will tolerate everything.

продвижение приложений в соцсетях

14. Interact With Networked Communities

Spread activity on forums and in profile online communities. Be open to discussion. You can provide your product for the beta test to users with high ratings. This will help to build a loyal audience and eliminate bugs before the official release.

Using digital channels to promote mobile applications

The development of digital channels affects:

15. Updating the Site

The application site is a must-have for successful promotion. If the tables impose a number of restrictions on the developers, then on their own site you have untied hands.

Write detailed functional, explain how to use the product, add reviews of real users with links to their profiles in social networks. Be sure to add banners with a link leading to the page in the app store. Provide advertising with a bright Call-To-Actions button.

16. Introduction of QR Codes

Guys, you live in the XXI century, it's time to get to know all the delights of QR technology. For all images on external or internal resources, add a QR code. The user may not notice the link, but the picture will be harder for him to skip.

If the product allows, then you can try to move through offline. For example, QR codes of applications for ordering a taxi or delivering food are often placed on posters in the metro.

17. Taking Advantage of Mobile Traffic

Mobile search in 2015 surpassed the desktop. Almost everyone realized the need to optimize the sites for the mobile. For developers, trends open a lot of opportunities. Launch mobile advertising campaigns, because it was proven that users click on ads from smartphones on 33 more often than with a PC.

18. Motivated Traffic

Sometimes for a quick withdrawal to the TOP you need to cheat a little. In this case, draining motivated traffic is indispensable.

Promotion of Mobile Applications in Social Networks

Without the use of social networks, the promotion of applications will be incomplete. In order to correctly use SMM you need:

19. Optimize Your Own Channels

First, comb your own pages. Check:

  • is it obvious that the account or group is dedicated to the application?
  • is the essence of the product intelligible?
  • whether there are links in the storages?

Search engine robots have been learning for so long how to rank social networks. Writing posts, be sure to use SEO.

20. Launch Advertising on Facebook

Facebook App Install Ads can work wonders when promoting mobile applications. Advertising office FB provides the ability to flexibly adjust budgets, configure high-precision targeting, attach various calls to action.

Advertising on Facebook is a relatively expensive channel. To see this, just look at the average CTR and CPA. However, the advantages of this source of traffic deserve a high price tag.

21. Advertise in Instagram

Promotion of applications in Instagram is gaining popularity. The social network places emphasis on the visual component, and this is what you need to advertise games.

22. Pay Sponsorship Posts to Twitter

Twitter is an excellent platform for entering international markets. In the social network, the launch of App Installs campaigns. Advertisers can target ads to users' interests. Since most Twitter users are sitting on mobile devices, a high conversion is observed.

продвижение мобильных приложений

23. Put online the Facebook Theme Groups

Join several FB theme groups. The community audience should be interested in the topic of your application. Avoid direct advertising, it is better to provoke users to the discussion. Due to the high involvement of users, you will increase the virality factor several times.

24. Launch Videos in Social Networks

By 2021, 80% of the traffic will be on video content. In this case, the mobile will be in the lead. About the approaches to creating mobile video advertising for social networks, we wrote in this article.

PR & Promotions

PR activities include:

25. A Give Away Promotion

To break into the TOPs, you must use any opportunities to receive downloads. Launch actions in social networks, aimed at attracting additional audience. People like to win, and it does not matter which prize is at stake.

26. The Referral Program

Start with your friends. Ask them to share the app with friends. If you have a paid or shareware product, then provide a referral program. Do discounts or give out the in-game currency for attracting new users.

27. Building a Community

The Internet is designed for communication, as well as mobile phones. Combine your users into a powerful community. An excellent example is the users of the Telegram messenger, who go to rallies for the sake of freedom of communication.

You do not need to organize a revolution, enough:

  • implement chats in the product;
  • open comments in social networks;
  • Set up direct contact of developers with users (for example, through the FB page);
  • to provide the possibility of integration with other applications;
  • respond to all feedback in a hundred.

28. Influence Marketing

It is not so difficult to attract the influencers as it seems. Bloggers are also people and will be happy to participate in an interesting project. Of course, the TOPs will ask for the integration of impressive amounts, but work with the "middle link" no one has canceled. Here's a good service, which will help you navigate in the ratings of bloggers.

Finally I want to say, that it is necessary to approach the promotion in a comprehensive manner. Work out several channels at the same time. At the same time, keep the target audience in focus and keep clear localization.

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