Everything you have to know about motivated traffic

Everything you have to know about motivated traffic

Encentive traffic is a gray area in the promotion of games and mobile applications. There are several diametrically opposed opinions. Some marketers believe that the incent is too behind, others, however, are actively attracting users through motivation. Let's see who is right.

What is Motivated Traffic?

First of all, let's define the terminology. In the classical sense:

Motivated traffic is users who have agreed to perform a targeted action in return for any promotion.

Motivation can be either a material or an intangible kind. But we'll talk about this a bit later.

Targeted actions in motivated traffic

1. Installation

To deduce the application in TOP through organic is practically impossible task. The cost of the installment reaches several dollars. Motivated installations are cheaper. Of course, the stores struggle with the wrap-around, but if you carefully pour in the ink, you can break out into leaders without sanctions.

2. Installation + Review

Ratings and reviews have a positive effect on conversions. Users see that the application has been installed by more than 10K people and 90% of them rated the application to the top five. The level of trust is increasing. A loyal audience is more likely to try the product.

3. Search by keywords

If the user finds the application on the key words, and then downloads it, the product rises in the issuance of this key. Motivated traffic is a part of the ASO strategy. You can pick up queries using the Google Planner or WordStat from Yandex. Recently, ASOMaker has appeared on the market, a shareware tool from wakeapp.ru, which allows creating a semantic kernel and checking the activities of competitors.

зачем нужен мотивированный трафик

How to motivate users

1. Virtual currency

Let's say you collaborate with games of a similar theme. Your advertising is embedded in the product partners. In return for targeted action, gamers receive in-game incentives: gold, crystals, loot, etc.

2. Unlocking content

Part of the levels or functions on the advertising platform can be blocked. To access the content, the user must perform the targeted action.

3. Experience

Passage new levels is directly related to the accrual of experience points. Gamers are interested in accelerating the pumping. Therefore, advertising platforms often offer additional experience in return for installing partner applications or viewing promos.

4. With money

There are a lot of sites for easy earning in the network. Some of them are specialized in motivated traffic. Users register in the system, and receive a financial reward for installing applications, watching videos, writing comments.

мотивированный трафик плюсы

Why do you need motivated traffic?

In 2018, marketers poured motivated traffic guided by 6 goals:

  1. Output to the TOP: if the application is actively downloaded, then it is highly likely to fall into the top of the novelties.
  2. Strengthening the positions in the stack: even if the product is already in the TOP, its position must be pushed from time to time.
  3. Introduction to the lists of key queries: frequent search by product name leads to the inclusion of the keyword in the keyword lists.
  4. Increasing the level of interaction: users can not only download the application, but also perform other tasks. For example, to be trained, reach a certain level. These actions have a positive effect on the quality characteristics of the product, plus you have a chance to hook the insensitive users.
  5. Improving the ranking of keywords: when you type search terms in the query string, the stack algorithms will output the keyword variations to the user. Therefore, without exception, all developers want their product names to be included in the offer.
  6. Raising the rating: it also happened that content users rarely leave comments and make estimations. But unsatisfied users make lower rating with a great pleasure. Incent will help to correct the percentage of negative reviews.

Motivated traffic is relatively cheap. This is the most economical way to quickly increase the number of downloads. You can not discount the coefficient of virality. Theoretically, you can get paying users from incentive downloads.

источники мотивированного трафика

Cons of motivated traffic

In view of the above, it seems that motivated traffic is the ideal solution, but this is far from being the case. It has his own inconvenients:

  • The user's small lifetime.
  • Low involvement in the process of interaction with the product.
  • Inconsistency between the actual and the targeted audience.
  • Low payment capacity.
  • Low LTV.

Motivated traffic sources

The shortlist of the best companies engaged in attracting motivated traffic is as follows:

эффективность мотивированного трафикаIt is important to learn how to separate real motivated traffic from fraud. Styles are severely punished for botching installations. For example, the Apple Store may stop cooperating with unscrupulous developers. The optimal solution is to dilute the incents with "live" installations.

Summary. In the drain of motivated traffic, of course, there are nuances. However, if you move strategically, then it is able to literally push your product to the market.

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