Trends and prospects of mobile advertising in Asia: forecast till 2021

Тренды и перспективы мобильной рекламы в Азии

Why the Asian market? Very simple, it is a crock of gold for affiliates. The region is extensively developing, budgets for digital advertising are increasing rapidly, which means – there is profitable traffic. Let’s be honest, no advertisers will invest in what does not bring profit. Especially the mobile ads is allocated – it grows by leaps and bounds. People massively install games, applications, utilities. The stakes are small, but the volumes are inexhaustible.

Vpon – is a company specializing in analysis and forecasting in the field of mobile advertising, highlighted the main trends for the Asia-Pacific region. In parallel, eMarketer conducted a number of studies and predicted the dynamics of the receipt of funds in the mobile ads. The team AdMobiSpy designed the data in the form of simple and clear infographics.

Statistics of mobile advertising in Asia

1. Leaders of the Asian mobile

The Asia-Pacific region includes 58 countries. China and India account for one-third of all mobile advertising. They lead the list of the top 14 players. The market share of the remaining 44 states does not reach 1%.

Leaders of the Asian mobile

2. Interrelation of advertising in applications and mobile web

Advertising in mobile applications has surpassed the mobile web. Data on China, Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea are such interesting for affiliates, because there are a large number of payable users.

Interrelation of advertising in applications and mobile web

3. iOS vs Android

At the moment, bias towards Android. The prevalence of operating system is related to the comparative cheapness of smartphones produced by local brands. But in the foreseeable future iOS will equal the competitor in the number of users.

 iOS vs Android in Asia

4. The relative size of eCPM by region

Representatives of Vpon did not announce specific figures for the size of eCPM, but they provided the schedule in relative terms. Predictably, developed countries showed high values – Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

The relative size of eCPM by region Asia

5. Popular Advertising Formats in Asia

Banners are the most common type of mobile advertising. The next one is interstitial ad. Native advertising is not so widely used. However, in view of the growing popularity of Facebook, we can say that the share of the native advertising will increase in Asia.

Popular Advertising Formats in Asia

Marketing research of mobile advertising

1. Expenses for mobile advertising

The total expectation of  expenses on the mobile ads is estimated to $2.2 billion  by 2021. This is due to the inflow of investments into the region. The high potential is the promotion of mobile games and applications.

Expenses for mobile advertising

2. The share of the mobile in the cost of digital advertising

By 2021, 68.7% of the total budget for digital ads will be spent on mobile advertising. Taking into account the fact that expenses during the forecast period will double, the amount is planned to be enormous.

The share of the mobile in the cost of digital advertising

3. Mobile advertising in Singapore

The cost of mobile advertising by 2019 will grow to $362.8 million per year. The dynamics are expected to be insignificant. That’s due to the economic crisis appears to be easing. But it is worth remembering that 1/10  resident in Singapore is a millionaire , so we doubt about "decline in purchasing power.”

Mobile ads in Singapore

4. Mobile advertising in Indonesia

Indonesia is considered the center of social networks. The annual growth of users is 20%. Marketing company eMarketer predicts, by 2021 the cost of digital advertising will increase by 2 times, with 62.39% of funds on the mobile ads.

Mobile advertising in Indonesia

5. Mobile advertising in Malaysia

The cost of digital advertising in Malaysia will also grow. By 2021, they will reach a mark of$ 332 million, of which 75.21% will be spent on mobile ads.

Mobile advertising in Malaysia

Of course, affiliate marketing has a number of features in Asia, but the market is so promising that it is worth to look on. If you are interested in the topic, kindly leave a comment. In our next articles, we will definitely focus on the details of attracting Asian traffic.

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