Overview of the PropellerAds advertising network: verticals, advertising formats, campaign launch

Hello everyone! It's right time to talk about the sources of traffic. There are several advertising networks this days, and today our attention will be focused on PropellerAds. Why exactly this one? – Very simple, they offer a really huge amount of traffic.

Briefly about the grid

We will not go into the historical details, we only note that the platform has been working steadily since 2011. More recently, the network has reached 1 billion active users per month. And this is from 195 countries! Developers don't waste time, and they do release updates regularly.


  • finance;
  • games;
  • utilities;
  • mobile apps;
  • eCommerce;
  • dating.

There are two types of service in the advertising network: Fully-Managed and Self-Service. In the first one launch of campaigns is managed by managers, and the advertiser only manages the process. We are more interested in the second platform, where affiliates independently adjust and optimize the campaigns through the service interface.

The minimum deposit for Self-Service is $100. Only one type of advertising is available – popunder. However, a small spoiler, – several releases of new formats are planned in the nearest future. The basic payment model is CPM. The rate is $0.5, including mobile traffic. Sometimes for some GEO, some profitable cost can be applicable, which can reduce the rate up to 0.05 for 1000 views. By the way, the grid does not work with adult, banned sites.

An interesting feature of PropellerAds is the ability to launch SmartCPA campaigns. You can set up a campaign and set a general budget. Be sure to set up and check the conversion tracking, and then using this, the system will help to find the best traffic for you. Then, automatically, testing takes place. The better your offer will be converted, the lower your test will cost you until you pay only for received conversions. As a result, you get an optimized CPA campaign with a white list of advertising sources (sites).

Recently, they provided the option of retargeting – PropellerAds Retargeting Solution. Now you can catch up indecisive users. Using retargeting, you can get in PropellerAds those users who previously received their other sources (including Facebook & Adwords), but at a much lower price. The company basically adheres to the policy of user-friendly.

How to earn in PropellerAds

1. Getting Started

We need to register in the network, then activate the account 

Overview of the PropellerAds advertising network

Overview of the PropellerAds advertising network: verticals, advertising formats, campaign launch

Overview of the PropellerAds regestration

Overview of the PropellerAds advertising network dashboard2. Setting up

  1. Go to the tab "Tracking".
  2. Paste a link from the tracker into the field.
  3. Copy the "parameter_name" to the tracker.
  4. Generate a new target URL in the tracker, enter it into the grid.
  5. Check it, and that’s it.

Overview of the PropellerAds advertising network traking

3. Launching the campaign

1. Go to the "Campaign" tab.

2. Click on the button "Create Campaign". 

Overview of the PropellerAds advertising network campaign launchFill in the fields sequentially.

Overview of the PropellerAds create campaign

We advise you to assign a frequency of 1-24, so that the same user sees your advertisement only once a day.

The recommended bid for 1000 impressions depends on the geographic targeting, but the minimum amount of $0.5 is automatically set by the advertising network.

3. Specify a daily, or general budget for the campaign, but this is not a mandatory item.

Overview of the PropellerAdsbudget

4. Create audience to use the retargeting option.

To show the ad to users who have already visited the site, you need to go to the Audiences tab, create an audience for the required period of time.

Audiences of the PropellerAds New audiences of the PropellerAds

Then you should transfer a short java-script to the pages from which you want to collect visitors.

retargeting PropellerAds

When all operations are done, go back to the campaign settings, and choose an audience for retargeting from the drop list.

retargeting in PropellerAds

5. Specify the preferred display schedule and the option of "mastering" the budget. The first is the standard (in accordance with the schedule, until the budget is exhausted) the second one is uniform (the daily budget will be distributed for 24 hours).

campaign schedule PropellerAds

Please note, the schedule settings are carried out by the time ‘’EST’’.

6. PropellerAds provides two types of targeting: simplified and advanced.

simple targeting PropellerAds

Let's go further with advanced advertising settings:

advanced targeting PropellerAds

advanced targeting in PropellerAds

If you tick next to the inscription "I want to get traffic from Anti-AdBlock zones", then you will be able to receive traffic bypassing ad blockers.

7. Agree with the PropellerAds rules and start the campaign.

 PropellerAds rules and start the campaign

Moderation takes more than 24 hours from the date of application. 

Let's summarize

PropellerAds has a simple, intuitive interface. Even the beginner will cope with the launch of the advertising campaign. Traffic source is good (small roughness can be eliminated by optimization and whitelists). In any case, test different GEO and target daily of the weekly.

As practice shows, pins are excellent, 1-click offers, sweeps, installs. As to adult – it may not be approved by the moderators. We remind you that the grid does not work with the adult and if you decide to run it, your account may get blocked, without any explanation from the moderators. In order to reduce risks, beginners should contact the manager to get their creatives approved.

Some months ago, there was a lack of statistics on the platform itself, but developers are gradually eliminating the flaw. At the end of September, the list of filters was increased by 7 parameters. These included: the ability to group by device type, device, browser, language, OS type.

Special thanks to support for their patience and availability.

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