Native Mobile Advertising: Features, Formats and Trends

Native Mobile Advertising

By 2021 the native advertising will  drive up to 74% of all advertising revenues. The trend is due to the high efficiency of the formats. By the way, the native ad will be at the top. Read our article and adopt the native ad.

What is а Native Advertising?

Native advertising – is a kind of paid promotion, in which the ad organically fits into the interface of the placement site. Creative looks natural and does not irritate users.

Features of Native Advertising in the Mobile

Mobile native advertising is primarily displayed in applications and mobile sites. This is one of the most promising marketing tools. Popularity is due to the ubiquitous proliferation of smartphones.

According to the results of 2017, the share of the mobile in the global traffic was 59.9%. In 2018, positive dynamics remain. By 2020, only in the US, revenue from mobile advertising will increase by 26.5%.

Characteristic Features of Native Advertising in the Mobile:

  • full compliance with the site style or application;
  • it can be ordered directly from the developers;
  • increased customer loyalty;
  • high level of interaction;
  • a large number of targeting options, including the ability to target geographic locations.

Formats of Native Mobile Advertising

In the mobile there are 8 main formats of native advertising:

  1. In-Feed Social
  2. In-Feed Content
  3. In-Feed Commerce
  4. In-Map
  5. In-Game
  6. Paid Search
  7. Recommendation Widgets
  8. Custom

Let's look at each of them.

1. In-Feed Social

Social networks – is an excellent source of traffic, providing the possibility of targeting. Algorithms collect detailed information about users in order to show them the most relevant advertising.

From the user's point of view, the likes and comments under the native announcement is an additional guarantee of the product's trust.

Format – depends on the social network, for example, an advertising post in Facebook or a sponsored PIN in Pinterest.

Opportunities – are associated with user reactions – likes, comments, sharings, subscriptions, retweets and reposts.

Where to look for examples – Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, VK, Odnoklassniki, Instagram.

For what purpose is used – increasing brand awareness, interacting with consumers, attracting traffic.

реклама в социальных сетях

2. In-Feed Content

Paid accommodation on thematic forums and blogs. The word "content" means: articles, podcasts, videos, mailings, exclusive games.

Format – the announcement corresponds to the format of the site not only in style, but also in a manner of presentation, fonts, graphics.

Opportunities – due to the payload and organic implementation in the standard content of the site, ads get good coverage and have a high CR.

Where to look for examples – YouTube, Yahoo, News Apps, SoundCloud, Sharethrough.

For what purpose is used – the construction of a positive image of the brand, the formation of the need for the product, warming up the cold audience, working with objections.

нативная реклама 2018

3. In-Feed Commerce

The format is typical for aggregators and sites with catalogs. Advertising is wedged into product lists.

Format – a product card with a description, price, evaluation and feedback.

Opportunities – often contain a call to action – the "Buy", "Add to cart" buttons.

Where to look for examples – OLX, Amazon, App Store.

For what purpose is used – direct sale.

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нативка в мобайле

4. In-Map

Mobile maps help you navigate and get from point A to point B. In addition to the field, they are marked with GEO-labels of companies. In-Map advertising unobtrusively offers to visit offline establishments located on the route of the user.

Format – points on the map + icon + short description.

Opportunities – showing the exact address, the distance to the advertised object, navigation arrows (turns, traffic lights), the "Call" button.

Where to look for examples – Google Maps, Waze, FourSquare.

For what purpose is used – increase the attendance of the offline point.

мобильная реклама

5. In-Game

In fact, In-Game is a special case of motivated traffic. Users receive a reward for viewing ads.

Format – video banners and videos lasting up to 30 seconds. The window in which the creative is launched corresponds to the graphics of the platform game.

Opportunities – motivation to install similar products, partner cross-placement (exchange of integrations).

Where to look for examples – Verizon in Madden 15, Vikings in Empires & Puzzles.

For what purpose it is used – to raise brand awareness, increase the number of downloads, increase the degree of interaction with the application, to rise at  the TOP of the story, to attract a warm audience.

тренды нативной рекламы

6. Paid Search

Contextual advertising in search engines. 4 lines upper and lower on the first page of issue.

The format is a context block.

Features – in the mobile are provided: click on the announcement for the call, specify the nearest point of sale, build a route on the map.

Where to look for examples – Google, Yahoo, Yandex.

For what purpose is used – traffic attraction, receiving calls, visiting offline points.


7. Recommendation Widgets

Blocks with recommended content. Usually they are introduced in the middle or the end of the articles, as well as in the side column.

Format – images and texts corresponding to the advertising platform.

Features – ability to transfer the user to the selling content.

Where to look for examples – Gravity, Taboola, Outbrain and Yahoo Recommends.

For what purpose is used – draining traffic to articles, videos, podcasts, prelends.

форматы нативной рекламы

8. Custom

Author's content created directly by the brand. It can be: music, video, applications and games, VR and AR.

Format – materials uploaded on the official website or brand channel.

Opportunities – the functionality is the most diverse, limited only by technical and financial capabilities.

Where to look for examples – AR-application IKEA Place.

For what purpose is used – to increase brand recognition.

нативная реклама

Trends of Native Advertising in Mobile 2018

1. Mobile First

When indexing, Google prefers sites with adaptive layout. Facebook has 1.74 billion active mobile users. At the same time 88% of FB advertising revenue comes from the mobile. Instagram and Snapchat are actively growing. The first social network has up to 1 billion users, the second – 301 + million. Do you need more arguments in favor of switching to the mobile?

2. Domination of Social Networks

Native advertising migrates from advertising networks to social networks. In 2016, companies spent 43% of the budget on native promotion, of which only 25% went to publishers. Compared to 2015, the share of nets felt by 14%. Facebook and its like will only increase their influence.

3. Influence Marketing

According to Erin Lanuti, chief marketing officer of influence from eMarketer, users perceive online reviews and unpacking as the most reliable source of information about the product. Consumers trust opinion leaders more than relatives and friends. So you should think about collaborating with bloggers.

4. User Content

Jason Keith, lead strategist at Digitas, says that customers demand honesty from brands. The more the brand interacts with the targeted audience, the higher is the sales levels and the degree of loyalty.

Using the content of real users will help build trust relations with Central Asia. Plus you will save on photographer services.

5. Increase in the Share of Video Advertising

In 2018, budgets for mobile video advertising will increase from $ 6.72 billion to $ 9.9 billion, which will lead to the enhanced development of such formats as:

  • vertical video;
  • video 360;
  • video banners;
  • outstream.

6. Strategic Planning for Each Channel

Due to the fact that the formats of native advertising are very different depending on the type of advertising space, marketers should be confused with the development of strategies for each channel. Such tactic should increase the effectiveness of campaigns.

Let's remind the key features of social networks:

  • 85% of Facebook users watch videos without sound, the optimal length of the videos is 1 minute;
  • 96% of users watch YouTube videos with sound, the recommended duration is 2 minutes. We advise you to unscrew the campaigns with 6 seconds-screensaver ads (they can not be missed);
  • Instagram video also starts without sound, length – up to 30 seconds. 

7. Growth of the Segment of Sponsored Content

In 2018, brands are going to use sponsored content more intensively. Users will often stumble upon advertising posts, articles, photos and videos.

8. Standardization

The lack of standards is the main drawback of native advertising. Active demand for native ad provokes the site to introduce uniform formats. So Facebook began to test advertising in Facebook Stories, which was honestly borrowed from Instagram.

9. "Pleasant" Innovations Facebook

And finally we will make you "pleasant" innovations from Zuckerberg. Facebook will continue to tighten the rules for launching advertising campaigns. The changes will affect:

  • moderation procedures;
  • collecting users data;
  • Start targeting the advertiser's database;
  • the process of identifying and deleting accounts;
  • the introduction of a system of motivation for users who detect violations of the FB rules.

To launch political advertising, it will be necessary to confirm the citizenship of the country in which elections are held.

Before long, the native mobile advertising will become a must for marketers. We will continue to follow the trends of online marketing and talk about them in articles, and do not forget to look into the AdMobiSpy blog – it would be so useful.


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